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A powerful digital learning platform to own your career transition journey.

A Company Announcement: Career Accelerator

There is no doubt that 2020 has thrown into stark relief the importance of leadership at every level of society. With an ‘unemployment tsunami’ predicted for 2021, it is imperative that organisations support transitioning leaders to position their capabilities, and confidence for the new working world. Career Accelerator is a new career transition digital learning platform by Fisher Leadership’s CogNative Leadership Advantage team. The blended approach to one-on-one coaching and self-paced digital learning seeks to revolutionise outplacement by meeting people where they are, when they need it, with a range of learning resources to choose from.

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The newest product in the CogNative Leadership Advantage portfolio, Career Accelerator has been developed over 18-months by renowned Leadership Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, June Parker. The digital learning platform is built on 5 unique programs, each with multiple modules, complete with videos, resources, worksheets and action plans. The augmented nature of the Career Accelerator program means that the social and emotional aspects of transition can be handled face-to-face, while the more functional and tactical learnings can be completed at home. This maximises time spent with a coach and ensures a positive experience with wrap around support.

The acquisition for Fisher Leadership caps off 18-months of significant diversification and growth for the team under the guidance of MD Michelle Loader. Formerly the CEO of Chandler Macleod, a 40,000 strong global HR firm, Michelle took the reins from Founding Director Jo Fisher in July last year with a vision to expand the highly respected heritage Executive Search brand into a portfolio of future-facing talent solutions.

Michelle Loader comments that organisations are increasingly motivated to do right by their leaders, saying “As the executive lifecycle shortens, and we grapple with the reality of a blended culture, democratising career transition to be accessible for all will be the hallmark of successful workplaces. It will enable them to attract diverse communities, align on their commitment to organisational values, and embed wellbeing to actualise performance.”

Jo Fisher agrees, saying “I think what the Career Accelerator program brings to the table, is the opportunity for organisations to set leaders up for future success, giving them a sense of control in an increasingly uncertain environment.”

Fisher Leadership are no strangers to leadership transition, having supported C-suite executives and board directors at the coal-face of change for nearly two decades, the team today support leaders beyond the recruitment component, with Wellbeing and Mental fitness programs, Gig Executive skills solutions and ESG sustainability reporting.

The future world of work requires leaders to look after each other, as well as themselves. For a preview of the platform and programs contact the team at: