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Multi-year Enterprise Leadership Transformation at a Large Australian University

Unlocking new levels of collaboration and problem solving for the Faculty

The Opportunity

With the appointment of an interim, later confirmed as the Dean of Faculty, the Faculty of a leading large Australian Univeristy took on the development of a new strategy, and along with it, a new workplace culture and operating model based on Enterprise Leadership.


CLA’s approach was to plan and implement a series of workshops and executive forums, that builds a roadmap and narrative for the development of an enterprise leadership approach and a shared accountability for strategy.  The intent was to cascade this roadmap across the various Schools and Departments in the Faculty, so that alignment could be created to the ‘organising framework’ of Enterprise Leadership. 

The key attributes of the design was to guide the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) through a robust and flexible framework, that allows for co-authorship and therefore buy in for the learning and development process.  As work was delivered at the FEC level, CLA were referred to other levels in the organisation to align activities to the FEC vision. 

Over the last 3 years, CLA has delivered the program of work across the FEC and six related schools/entities. The program of work has included designing and facilitating strategy days, planning workshops, creating new operating models, governance frameworks, processes and ways of working, all aligned to the FEC goal of enterprise leadership. 

The Outcome​

Having a practical actionable strategy with clear accountabilities that could be communicated throughout the Faculty to all staff has proven invaluable. Through each significant step in the process, the FEC self-reported notable improvements in:

  • the environment
  • clarity of goals and strategy
  • culture of the Faculty
  • positive collaboration
  • sharing of resources
  • being able to resolve challenges and tension without disruption.

Testament to the success of this program of work is also the uptake of Enterprise Leadership as an organising framework at the School and Department level. ​


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