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CLA Case Study – Large Regional Hospital

Large Regional Hospital

Leadership Excellence Program

The Client

A large regional hospital in Victoria with more than 1900 staff, caring for a population of more than 260,000 people. 

The Opportunity

The hospital had recently appointed a new CEO who wanted to change the organisation’s culture from what was sometimes ‘command-and-control’ to an authentic distributed leadership model where individuals collaborate and embrace accountability.  

In the CEO’s words, “I walk the corridors and everywhere I look I see good staff, just waiting for an opportunity to be ​a great leader.”

CLA was engaged to run a comprehensive leadership development program across three levels of leadership:

  • The Executive Team – 7 people
  • General Managers –  approx. 20 people
  • Managers – approx. 40 people


In collaboration with the client, CLA designed and facilitated three programs across different levels of leadership within the Hospital. The programs consisted of the follow elements: 

  • Completion of the Facet5 psychometric tool 
  • A series of workshops
  • Group Coaching Circles 
  • Self Directed Learning Activities 
  • All three programs came together for a series of Masterclasses run by thought leaders in their respective fields
  • Whole of cohort presentation and graduation 

The stated objectives of the Leadership Excellence Program were to:

  • Provide the opportunity for each participant to grow, learn and develop their leadership impact​
  • Build a strong network of peers across different units and groups at Latrobe Regional Hospital​
  • Further the alignment and collaboration of Managers, General Managers and Executive ​
  • Empower leaders to make behavioural choices to enhance their leadership presence and impact​
  • Create a felt sense of win-win as we work towards our shared purpose. 

The Outcome​

All leaders across the three programs experienced an uplift in the following areas: 

  • Self-awareness regarding their own strengths and development areas – 34% Increase
  • Motivation to develop as a leader – 19% increase
  • Confidence in their leadership capabilities – 29% increase
  • Understanding what a successful leader at the hospital looks like – 23% increase

We have received amazing feedback from participants and the client about the outcomes of the program, and the hospital has since won an industry award.

Participants praised the diversity of delivery mechanisms, with a clear design focus on practical tools and applied learning. The Facet5 psychometric allowed for greater self-insight for leaders and increased their understanding of different strengths within their team and approach. The online coaching circle enabled participants to explore some of the current challenges faced by the hospital. Participants felt they provided the opportunity for leaders (particularly leaders new to the role) to gather tips and tricks from colleagues on how to manage upcoming change. ​


“In a short space of time, we are further ahead than I ever imagined as a result of this program, silos have broken down and people are leading. ”



“​I really wanted to thank you both for everything that you have done for our wonderful organisation. We were in such desperate need for this leadership excellence program at all levels of our organisation and your support, guidance, wisdom and incredible expertise has left us in a far better place than when you found us, which I am so appreciative of.”

​- ED P&C