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CLA Cast Study – APAC Fintech Company

Asia Pacific Fintech Company

Executive Transition

The Client

Our global client is a team of 2,250+ people building software that helps the financial services industry perform at its best. Responsible for supporting many of the world’s most iconic financial services brands to challenger banks, insurers, investment managers, traders and brokers, more than 10,000 businesses and 500,000 people use our client’s software to help them perform better and deliver more.

The Opportunity

As a technology company providing software to the financial services industry in Asia Pacific, North America, Africa, UK and Europe, the pandemic environment meant that one of their executive roles, VP of Engineering, was made redundant.  

CLA was engaged to support the impacted executive in their transition.


The VP worked through a Facet5 personality assessment and a number of one-to-one coaching sessions to unpack strengths and to decide where they now wanted their career to head and why.

The client was interested in pursuing a role in a smaller technology start-up type organisation where they could have more impact and lead a progressive team.  The environment and culture were equally important in their decision-making.

In addition, our client also wanted to secure a board position and commence a pathway to a portfolio career consisting of board roles and consulting work as part of their retirement plan. 

We worked with our client to build confidence to ensure they were giving themselves the best opportunity to succeed.

We up-levelled their online brand & CV, positioning them for board appointments. We supported them through networking, interviewing and salary negotiation.

The Outcome​

Our client secured a role as a Senior VP, where they felt the culture and role was ideal. We have since been engaged to provide consulting services to them and the executive based on their positive dealing with us during the outplacement process.

Our client also secured their first paid board role.

“The support you provided was invaluable to me. I was very unsure what to expect and as you know I was at first reluctant to take up your services. I am glad you reached out and I will highly recommend you to others.”

– VP Engineering & Board Member