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Big movements start with small moments.

Good people leave when good leadership fails. Taking an evidence-based approach to extraordinary leadership negates bias and assumptions and ensures individuals bring their best selves to work. Our human-centred focus on each career journey ensures measurable, tangible outcomes for the individual, team, and the organisation.

Transformational success is built into our programs by guiding participants to embrace a growth mindset and a willingness to step out of their comfort zone.

Harness the full potential of your people with our human-centred coaching approach

We partner with organisations to create a clear return on investment for the individual and the organisation by way of measurable tangible outcomes.

Coaching Programs range in duration from 2 – 12 months, based on the needs of the Executive or Leader. Executives or Leaders typically agree to the duration and frequency of the sessions based on their specific needs. Sessions are generally 60 or 90 minutes in duration. Success in our programs is dependent on participants demonstrating an open growth mindset and a willingness to step out of their comfort zone to achieve agreed goals.

Our Transition and Outplacement Programs support you to proactively lead the change process associated with outplacement and transition. We can work right alongside you. Or we can act as a safe space to send transitioning individuals to when changes have been made.

Coaching and Transition Programs

Would your organisation benefit from partnering with specialists to manage workforce and workplace change? We can proactively and supportively lead the change process associated with outplacement and transition right beside you. Or we can act as a safe space to send transitioning individuals to when changes have been made.



Career Accelerator is revolutionising the outplacement experience. Specifically designed to contribute to the long term success of recently placed candidates, this program can be delivered for individual coaching or formatted for optimising team dynamics.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Enabling career progression via specialised CV & Interview coaching, personal brand development for career success, and step-up coaching techniques.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Developing leadership and executive confidence and capability now and into the future. Available as a 6-12 month program, focussing on EQ, agility, resilience, strategy, leadership presence and board capability.

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles are designed for a small group of individuals with common goals who want to progress their leadership journey in a supportive and motivating environment. Participants share, resolve real challenges/issues confidentially and learn from each other.

Organisational Transition Support

Organisational Transition Support

We partner with organisations, in thedevelopment and delivery of solutions inchallenging times of change through a qualitysuite of career transition services and programssuited to all levels of the organisation. ​We do this via consulting and coaching.

Customised Executive Transition

Customised Executive Transition

Designed and tailored for Executivesand Senior Leaders throughone-on-onecoaching. Our Senior Strategists partnerwith executives, whose role has beenmade redundant or is being maderedundant in the future.

Outplacement & Career Transition

Outplacement & Career Transition

Designed for managers and individual contributors with flexible delivery: through ​one-on-one transition coaching (face-to-face or virtual);​ via group coaching either on or off-site or virtually via webinars; and via our digital career transition learning platform Career Accelerator.

Digital Outplacement Support

Career Accelerator

Designed for managers and individual contributors with flexible delivery: through ​one-on-one transition coaching (face-to-face or virtual);​ via group coaching on or off-site or virtually via webinars; impacted employees also access our digital career transition learning platform Career Accelerator.

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Program: Wellbeing Check-in program

“Myself and my leadership team found the insights highly valuable. Pleasingly, the feedback reinforced we are doing a good job of supporting our staff during this challenging time. And, as we look to the future, determining what Good2Give’s working environment will now look like, it provides some tangible considerations. It has given me greater confidence to challenge our old way of working and come up with a better, more flexible working environment.

Therese, you were a pleasure to work with, and I really appreciated the structure of the program and the regular feedback. I was also pleased some of the team, who I knew was struggling, felt comfortable enough to open up to you – that says a lot about you, being able to build trust quickly.”


Program: Facilitation at the Executive Leadership Program

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your support in engaging Therese for today’s Executive Leadership Program session. I thought the session went really well, great initial feedback. I appreciated her time in sourcing the pre-work for the group and adapting her content to fit in with the program needs especially in the virtual learning environment. She represented Fisher Leadership in a professional manner with her interactions with LGPro and the group today.”


Program: Independent Grading Review
“Your report has been well received and I will now engage with our PC&S colleagues. Thank you for an excellent report, and for the very quick turnaround. I look forward to having a close-out telephone conversation with you.”


“Our team at Eastern Health has stepped in and stepped up with an extraordinary response to the pandemic.  The wellbeing check-in has complemented work we have done already with leadership development and helped us identify the critical wellbeing priorities for the year ahead.

The Breathing Space report has validated the capability and deep experience within our executive team and highlighted the strong sense of accomplishment achieved in 2020.

We are committed to prioritising wellbeing and focussing on people’s continual professional development and have progressed on our way forward, building on the recommendations provided.”

Adj. Prof David PlunkettCEO EASTERN HEALTH

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With decades of experience partnering with leaders at the coal-face of change, we understand the support needed for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive in the evolving world of work. From wellbeing and mental fitness programs, to coaching, leadership and transition services, to organisational design, change management and board advisory, we are here to build a solution to meet your needs.