Greg Coolahan - CLA Solutions

Greg Coolahan

Legal Advisor

Greg is a highly experienced Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, with a depth of cross-sector knowledge in both small and large enterprises. Greg holds strong expertise in commercial agreements, mergers and acquisition and administrative law, specialising in People Services, Search and Recruitment and People Technology.

In the role of Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, Greg provides proactive, timely and practical commercial and legal advice to the team. Greg’s primary concern is to ensure that the Company and its Board comply with legal and regulatory obligations to shareholders, employees and the community at large.

Beyond this, Greg is passionate about ethics and governance with a strong moral compass and respect for integrity. Greg plays a key role in the Fisher Leadership commitment to defining best practise in a shifting governance environment as we continue to innovate the way people are connected to work.

Greg has a Diploma in Law and is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court.