Dr Katerina Agostino is Chief of Aerospace Division - CLA Solutions

Dr Katerina Agostino is Chief of Aerospace Division

Dr Katerina Agostino

Fisher Leadership partnered with the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group, Department of Defence in the appointment of experienced and innovative executives to provide leadership and vision to shape the future of scientific research and client programs in their Aerospace and Maritime Divisions.

Dr Katerina Agostino is the Chief of Aerospace Division, driving the Division’s research agenda and providing leadership to over 200 scientists, engineers, technicians and enabling staff dedicated to delivering science and technology to defence aerospace capability requirements.

At DST for 19 years, Katerina has a depth of experience in shaping science and technology programs for defence and national security, including research and program leadership at a whole of government level.  She has established national and international research communities to work together to solve challenging national security issues and has led multidisciplinary research programs across a number of complex environments.  Katerina received a commendation in 2018 from the US Combating Terrorism and Technical Support Office for furthering co-operation between Australia and the United States and is also the recipient of a DST commendation for her dedicated services to defence intelligence.