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Case Study: Executive Team Acceleration in an Educational Institution

The Brief

CogNative Leadership Advantage partnered with a ‘Group of Eight’ University residential college, to develop an Executive Management Team that positively engages the different work styles and preferences ‘around the table’.​

With the commencement of a new member of the Leadership Team, the College CEO was eager for the leadership team to discuss the year ahead and to gain an understanding of each others’ strengths and styles to drive team success.

With a continuing program of cultural change in progress, team required an innovative, progressive and credible individual who would be visible within the organisation, rather than a ‘support’ person. ​

Solution Building​

Each member of the leadership team completed a Team Management Profile survey to gain insights into their individual Work Styles and Preferences with a view of sharing the outcomes of this survey and exploring what this means for the team in 2020. This was done by:​

  • Identifying the different work preferences and styles that made up the team – raising self-awareness and providing deep insight into better ways of working together.​ Creating a common understanding and commitment to the strategic direction, goals and priorities for the next phase of the College’s journey.​
  • Identifying shared accountabilities and interdependencies across the team, leveraging skills and ensuring effective collaboration leading to improved team performance.​
  • Exploring and clarifying individual roles, accountabilities and priorities, creating clarity for the team.​
  • Create commitment and energy around a common VISION, PURPOSE ,VALUES and TEAM CHARTER.​

The Outcome​

This workshop enabled the leadership team to acknowledge and build on the successes of 2019; welcome and get to know a new team member; and identify the collective strengths and styles across the team. Increased trust as a result of the session will drive team work and productivity.​