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Jo Fisher contributes to Deakin MBA program.

The strength of an MBA program can be determined by its strong and current links to industry. In the Deakin MBA, students develop insider knowledge and industry connections through their relationships with our carefully selected industry adjunct professors.

According to MBA Course Director Associate Professor Colin Higgins, the industry adjunct professors offer a mix of workshops, live case-studies, and insight and input from their own organisations and experience. ‘We’re moving away from “lectures” to work with industry to unpack the big issues,’ he says. ‘We bring in these experts to illuminate what happening now – right now – in the business community.’

The industry adjuncts also have input into part of each core unit. ‘We sit down with them to scope out the meaningful “hot issues” occurring in their areas of expertise each year – so we can ensure we bring the latest issues in to the course content each year,’ Assoc. Prof. Higgins says.

Let’s meet our industry adjunct professors who bring a wealth of expertise to the Deakin MBA.


Jo Fisher

Jo Fisher is the founding Partner and Managing Director of Fisher Leadership, a team of executive search and HR consultants specialising in socially positive sectors. Jo and her team develop scientifically based methodologies to enable more effective assessment, selection and development of successful leaders at all levels.

As an Australian committee member with the International Women’s Forum and a former Telstra Business Women’s Award Winner, Jo has long been recognised as a leading advocate for the importance of diversity in leadership.

A Deakin MBA graduate herself, Jo can speak directly to the experience of what the MBA can do for your career. ‘I feel a strong part of my capacity for leadership in the executive search industry has come from the integration of academic insight with commercial solution building,’ Jo says. ‘I believe strongly that while knowledge is power, applied knowledge is pivotal.’

Jo believes that the learnings within the MBA need to be woven into on-the-ground experience and that applied knowledge is ultimately the most powerful factor in success. ‘I am passionate about talking to students to discuss how they can benefit from an MBA,’ she says. ‘Both in more general terms, such as professional positioning and career transitioning, or more specifically about how the cohort might represent their qualification on a CV and in pitching their personal brand.’

Jo believes that Deakin University’s MBA is one of the very best courses not only in Australia, but throughout the APAC region. ‘Deakin has always led the way in future-facing initiatives, from technology to subject matter, to remote access, and to addressing students’ whole of life and working world needs. The subjects offered in this MBA are pragmatic, real world and aligned with today’s business requirements.’

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