CLA Case Study – Leadership Capability Appraisals at a Community Service and Education Provider - CLA Solutions

Community Services and Education Provider

360° Interviews and Leadership Capability Appraisals

The Opportunity

In 2023, CLA was privileged to partner with a Community Services and Education provider to conduct leadership capability appraisals for their senior leadership team. This body of work sought to provide a positive developmental experience for individuals and to contribute to leadership and reflective practices that would support the development of a high-performance culture.



Understanding the subtleties of relationships and organisational context was of critical importance to our client. As such, CLA partnered with them to co-design a customised appraisal methodology which included:

  • 360° face-to-face interviews with managers, peers and direct reports of individuals;
  • 360° Future Leadership Capability Assessments completed by managers, peers, direct reports and indirect reports;
  • A self-reflective career path interview to explore individuals’ professional learnings, experience and self-awareness;
  • Comprehensive individual reports detailing top individual strengths, opportunities and assessment of leadership capabilities as below level, at level or exceeding level;
  • A presentation of leadership strengths and development areas back to the. General Manager to support leadership development planning, organisational culture and the achievement of strategy and vision;
  • Individual debriefs and facilitated triad conversations, where a CLA Psychologist, individual and their manager explored next steps in the individual’s development journey.

The Outcome​

The client was exceptionally satisfied with the rapport our consultants built with team members across the organisation, which engendered trust, psychological safety and radical candour. CLA’s ability to tailor our rigorous and evidence-based solution to meet client needs was a key differentiator, as was our respectful and reflective report-writing and debriefing style. We continue to be privileged to partner with this community services and education provider on ongoing leadership assessment programs.