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CLA is a team of organisational psychologists, experienced coaches, and transformation specialists, ready to build a capability ecosystem of support around your leaders.

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We have a simple philosophy that underpins the development of leaders and leadership in organisations. We believe there are multiple domains of leadership that need attention in order to make sustainable shifts in the workforce, leadership capability, and leadership culture:

• Leading Self

• Leading Others

• Leading Across the Organisation

• Leading in the Community

Our program design takes leaders on a journey through these domains to understand the level of impact they are capable of having, beginning from a foundation of self-insight.

Featured Leadership Development & Wellbeing Programs

Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program

Designed for the pioneers of the future who are smart, savvy and want to take their leadership credentials to the next level to achieve their full potential.

Team Mentoring 

Team Mentoring

While one on one mentoring remains critical, mentoring teams enable multiple perspectives and experience to harness cognitive diversity. We identify the different types of mentoring teams which may come into play at various career stages and can be deployed to support a particular project or transformation.

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development Programs

Highly collaborative and immersive experiences are designed for executive, senior leader and emerging leader development. Our world-class content is designed to help leaders step outside their comfort zone and try out new ideas, methods, and practices. Our aim is to influence the way we work well beyond the Leadership Development program.

Leadership Masterclasses

Leadership Masterclasses

Executive, senior leader and emerging leader development experiences designed to stretch our thinking. World-class content is curated from leading sources by our team of thought leaders and associates across academia, business and industry.

Breathing Space Executive Wellbeing Programs

Breathing Space Executive Wellbeing Programs

Our comprehensive 12-month Breathing Space program is a bespoke, year-long program supporting leaders with wrap-around tools, learnings and insights. The 4-month program enables a deep dive into proactive mental health and wellbeing strategies for the individual and the team.

Team Wellbeing Check-ins

Team Wellbeing Check-ins

Our Wellbeing Check-ins provide immediate impact with confidential conversations supporting your individual leaders and aggregated insights for your CEO and board. Every $1 invested in workplace mental health interventions results in four to nine times improvement in the bottom line.

Organisational Wellbeing Support

Organisational Wellbeing Support

We partner with organisations to put a proactive mental health strategy in place that will raise awareness, change behaviour and enable wellbeing leadership to power your organisation’s performance.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Board Module

Mental Health and Wellbeing Board Module

Our mental health and wellbeing board modules are designed to ensure directors are confident of the responsibilities, risks and opportunities when it comes to supporting the leadership team with mental health and wellbeing strategy.

Read our case studies to understand how other organisations have partnered with us recently.

Program: Wellbeing Check-in program

“Myself and my leadership team found the insights highly valuable. Pleasingly, the feedback reinforced we are doing a good job of supporting our staff during this challenging time. And, as we look to the future, determining what Good2Give’s working environment will now look like, it provides some tangible considerations. It has given me greater confidence to challenge our old way of working and come up with a better, more flexible working environment.

Therese, you were a pleasure to work with, and I really appreciated the structure of the program and the regular feedback. I was also pleased some of the team, who I knew was struggling, felt comfortable enough to open up to you – that says a lot about you, being able to build trust quickly.”


Program: Facilitation at the Executive Leadership Program

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your support in engaging Therese for today’s Executive Leadership Program session. I thought the session went really well, great initial feedback. I appreciated her time in sourcing the pre-work for the group and adapting her content to fit in with the program needs especially in the virtual learning environment. She represented Fisher Leadership in a professional manner with her interactions with LGPro and the group today.”


Program: Independent Grading Review
“Your report has been well received and I will now engage with our PC&S colleagues. Thank you for an excellent report, and for the very quick turnaround. I look forward to having a close-out telephone conversation with you.”


“Our team at Eastern Health has stepped in and stepped up with an extraordinary response to the pandemic.  The wellbeing check-in has complemented work we have done already with leadership development and helped us identify the critical wellbeing priorities for the year ahead.

The Breathing Space report has validated the capability and deep experience within our executive team and highlighted the strong sense of accomplishment achieved in 2020.

We are committed to prioritising wellbeing and focussing on people’s continual professional development and have progressed on our way forward, building on the recommendations provided.”

Adj. Prof David PlunkettCEO EASTERN HEALTH

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With decades of experience partnering with leaders at the coal-face of change, we understand the support needed for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive in the evolving world of work. From wellbeing and mental fitness programs, to coaching, leadership and transition services, to organisational design, change management and board advisory, we are here to build a solution to meet your needs.



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