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Case Study: Manager Wellbeing & Psychological Safety in the Workplace

The Brief

The Baker Institute is an independent, Australian-based research institute, recognised internationally for its contributions to medical science. It is one of the few institutes in the world where the work of staff spans benchtop to bedside and where research is dedicated to tackling the deadly trio of diseases: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

The Institute sought to implement additional programs to further support wellbeing and psychological safety in the workplace. The leadership and staff of the Baker Institute are highly intelligent, educated, and already proactive regarding health and illness prevention.

Solution Building​

An introductory webinar was held for managers to provide evidence-based strategies to support their own wellbeing, as well as that of their teams. This initial session shared research on the psychological impact of Covid19, and outlined a practical approach to creating sustainable, healthy workplace practices, and introduced the various options of the program.

Managers were offered ongoing individual coaching with a wellbeing strategist, and the opportunity to wear a First Beat device to measure heartrate variability and assess activity, stress, and recovery over a 72-hour period.

A series of webinars were delivered and available to all staff at the Baker Institute. Topics included Leading through Uncertainty & Leading Wellbeing for Team Culture; Emotions & Behaviour; Raising Resilient Children and Caring for families of all ages; Practical Mindfulness; Practical Positive Psychology and Building strengths.

The Outcome​

  • 71 expressions of interest were made by managers for ongoing wellbeing support through evidence-based interactive webinars.
  • 28% of managers opted into personalised wellbeing support
  • 85% of participants had moderate to good quality of recovery during sleep
  • 91% of participants had moderate to good average time of sleep

Bespoke practical strategies for sustainable wellbeing were provided by CLA Executive Wellbeing Strategists on an individual basis.

Topics included self-compassion, task-focussed work tools, resources for family care, and ways to prioritise health sleep practices, exercise, and professional boundaries. Managers expressed sincere appreciation for the support made available by the organisation.