At CLA, our Team Promise is to continue to grow and achieve success by:

Living our CLA Values

At CLA, we live our values in all that we do. That means we look for people who demonstrate these in everything THEY do, and that they can expect to work with team members who do the same.

  • Integrity and honesty to drive accountability
  • Curiosity to never stop learning
  • Practical solutions that make a difference
  • Energy and drive to grow as a team
  • Authenticity and humility at our core.

Offering the best culture

CLA’s culture is created and experienced by every team member, and describes how we operate and what it is like to work at CLA, every day. We provide every person with the opportunity to contribute to the best of their potential. Every team member has a voice, because we value diverse perspectives. We back each other and provide support where and how it is needed. We evaluate our performance as a collective and as individuals. We trust people to do their jobs, and give them the flexibility to do this – in terms of time, location and mode of working. We reward and compensate our team not only through competitive salaries, but with other benefits including Gratitude Leave. We believe in finding team members who are not only the best at what they do, but also believe in our purpose and want to help contribute to this culture too.

Supporting our team to grow

Our purpose is to build successful organisations through leadership. To enable our team to achieve those outcomes, and because we fundamentally believe in development, we invest in the growth of all of our team. Whether this is through professional development, formal and informal learning, peer coaching and mentoring or providing stretch opportunities, we make a total commitment to providing our team members with ways of achieving their career & development goals. This ensures that our team members are not only engaged and committed, but that they are consistently at the top of their field, are subject matter experts, and are enabled to achieve success.