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Tassia Michaleas is the new Chief Executive Officer at Merri Health

Tassia was recently appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer, where she will drive future growth in metropolitan and regional areas.

With 25 years’ experience as a senior health services leader, Tassia is able to demonstrate significant experience in the community health and services sector.  Tassia was previously acting in the position of Chief Executive Officer for Merri Health, and has acted in the position on a number of occasions since 2013.  Tassia’s substantive position was that of General Manager, Family & Community with Merri Health where she was responsible for the leadership, direction and management of the Family & Community Division.  The scope of Tassia’s position included a budget of $11M, staff of approximately 120 and a portfolio of 25 programs.  Program areas included Victim’s Assistance, counselling and support services, children and family services, and population health unit.  While in this position Tassia navigated a significant reform agenda within areas such as the NDIS, mental health and family violence.  Over the six years she was in the position, Tassia grew the budget by almost 100%, won service contracts and expanded the Merri Health footprint into regional Victoria. She also increased divisional staff engagement and culture in 2017 by 20% from 2011.

Earlier with Merri Health Tassia oversaw programs within the Counselling, Support Services program area.  Tassia managed all facets of the program areas including program development, financial management, performance targets, staff and supervision of Team Leaders.  She developed emerging policy directions into operational outcomes, managed change across program areas to ensure development and implementation of best practice and negotiated service delivery with funding bodies.  In this position Tassia managed the successful retendering of the VACP program in 2009 and received rollover and additional funding for 2012-2015.  Tassia was a member of the Family Violence Regional Steering Committee and provided a number of policy reform submissions including Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry.

Previously Tassia was engaged with Banyule Community Health Services as a Team Leader for a problem gambling counselling service where she held day to day operational management responsibility for the program.