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Case Study: Wellbeing Check-In Program with a College Leadership Team

The Brief

As Melbourne was in Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions of its second lockdown, the Principal of a College sought to understand how his teams were coping with remote teaching, continued stress, and the blurring of personal and professional lives. The wellbeing and ongoing sustainability of the leadership team were a high priority for the Principal and Director of Human Resources.​

Solution Building​

Breathing Space partnered with the College to conduct a Wellbeing Check-In program for leaders across the College. The wellbeing coaches connected with 21 team members to conduct individual 30-minute check-in & coaching sessions that enabled each team member to:​​


  • Cut through uncertainty and feel cared for and heard​​;
  • Solve any disconnect between what team members need from their executive leaders and vice versa​​;
  • Enable greater engagement, productivity, innovation and pastoral care, whilst navigating COVID-19 and beyond.​

The Outcome​

Leaders were highly appreciative of the timely support and critical debrief sessions as opportunities to reflect on the year and gain clarity on concerns. Feedback highlighted an intense pride in the College and its leadership through the pandemic, and experience of growth and thriving through a challenging year. CogNative created a depersonalised insights report of learnings and recommendations. 

An organisational debriefing was conducted between the Principal, Director of Human Resources and the Breathing Space wellbeing strategists to review the insights paper and provide pragmatic recommendations for building on the College’s proven capacity for agility, continuing to support staff wellbeing at all levels, and ensuring excellent care for students and families. ​

Actions were taken to support the team and the School Council was advised of the outcomes via a coy of the report and debrief from the principal.