Wellbeing in Health: A team check-in - CLA Solutions

Case Study: Wellbeing Check-In Program with a Rural Health Service

The Brief

A Rural Health Service with a large elderly population experienced prolonged stressors due to the required response to COVID19, lockdown, remote working, and ongoing uncertainties about the future work environment.  The CEO and Board were keen to prioritise wellbeing and support the leadership team.

Solution Building​

The Rural Health Service partnered with CogNative Leadership Advantage to perform wellbeing check-ins with the Leadership team. Confidential conversations enabled leaders to reflect on their experiences through COVID19, to explore immediate challenges at work and the intersection with home and personal lives, as well as the team’s vision for the year ahead. 

The Outcome​

  • 30-minute one-to-one conversations were held with the CEO and six members of the Operational Management team.
  • A de-identified report was created for the Board and CEO outlining positive experiences, challenges requiring action, and recommended considerations for sustainable performance.

The leadership team explored and set individual goals and strategies to help each team member find a personal approach to wellbeing and pragmatic ways to manage stress, while balancing the pressures and expectations of work.

The CEO appreciated how the flexibility discovered through COVID19 has helped people to better manage the responsibilities of their work and personal lives.  Recognising that strict regulations and remote work had however reduced a much-needed human interaction amongst staff, a commitment was made to increase leadership visibility and prioritise more connection, as guidelines allowed.

The Board were impressed with the insights of the de-identified report and valued the benefit of an independent partner to reflect on learnings, provide insights and recommendations for improved performance. The Board deemed the Breathing Space review as the perfect complement to the recent People Matters survey wellbeing check conducted by the Victorian Public Sector Commission.