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Taking an evidence-based approach to extraordinary leadership.

We believe that leadership underpins all positive change when it comes to new ways of working. We know that great leadership is the enabler of feeling good about ourselves, our teams, our organisations and the community around us.  We believe the most successful leaders create the time and space to understand and develop their leadership.

CLA exists to bring together organisational psychology, leadership science, trusted consulting relationships and a commercial, pragmatic perspective to create leadership solutions that make a difference. We build and influence a community of leaders who deliver outcomes that make a lasting, positive impact locally and globally.

A Great Place to Work

We are proud to be recognised as an employer of choice.

Great Place to Work® has surveyed more than 100 million employees since 1992. Future Leadership and our three businesses, Gig Executive, Fisher Leadership and CLA Solutions are proud to be named a Great Place to Work. Every day we challenge ourselves to activate a future leadership mindset internally as well as externally. We do this in three key ways:

• measuring our individual, team and organisational success according to our common ‘why’ which is ‘creating a world of difference’

• living our values in action so that our ‘how’ is always founded on caring, collaborating, solving and impacting

• embrace intersectional diversity across social, cognitive, skills-based and identity markers to shape a truly inclusive and psychologically safe culture

• activate a mindset of curiosity alongside a practice of life-long learning to ensure our internal position on capability-building for the future is reinforced and leveraged amongst our team

The Great Place to Work benchmarking and insights empower leaders with real-time reporting on how their employee engagement is performing against the world’s top companies. Certification is the mark of great employee experience. We are proud to create a world of difference alongside this community of recognised change-makers.

Our History

CLA was originally founded by Marcele De Sanctis and Terry Coyne in February 2016. Driving great results and long-standing partnerships, CLA quickly grew and was recognised in the Australian Financial Reviews Fast Starter list in 2020. With a long history of allegiance to Fisher Leadership Executive Search, the two firms decided to join forces in 2021 alongside the Gig Executive business. Today, CLA, Fisher Leadership, and Gig Executive collaborate as a unique collection of Executive People Solutions businesses under the parent company Future Leadership.

“When leading assessment centre CLA joined forces with Fisher Leadership’s CogNative Solutions team, we brought together a dynamic range of organisational psychologists, experienced coaches, mental health practitioners and product development experts, aligned in their purpose to be the differentiator of future leadership potential.” – Marcele De Sanctis

Who we work with

We work with the most admired Australian and multinational brands across private, public and not-for-profit sectors, supporting leaders at C-suite, Executive, Senior Management and Emerging Leader levels.

We understand that leaders today face rapid challenges to innovate, make decisions and manage an uncertain environment. The global pandemic has required us all to think differently. Many of our partner organisations have needed to navigate a ‘new normal’ and reinvent their business and operating models. All organisations are trying to adjust to new ways of working and operational change requests from their workforce.

We partner with future-facing businesses to prioritise the long-term capability, performance, and sustainability of their organisation.


What we do best

We co-design advisory, coaching, leadership and systems solutions with the new working world in mind. We help to navigate talented people through organisations, to ensure they have the greatest positive impact on their journey.

In parallel, we invest in the growth of our own team, because we fundamentally believe in development. Whether this is through professional development, formal and informal learning, peer coaching and mentoring, or providing stretch opportunities, we make a 100% commitment to providing our team members with every opportunity to achieve their career & development goals.

As a result, our team members are not only engaged and committed, but remain consistently at the top of their field, and are confident subject matter experts, challenging the status quo.


How we work

Every CLA team member is encouraged to use their own voice and value the diverse perspectives of the team. We back each other and provide support where and how it is needed. We evaluate our performance as a collective and as individuals. We trust our people to go above and beyond to make a difference and give them the flexibility to do this – in terms of time, location and mode of working. We reward and compensate our team not only through competitive salaries but with other benefits including Mental Health Days and Gratitude Leave. We believe in finding team members who are not only the best at what they do, but also believe in our purpose and want to contribute new ideas to the CLA culture too.

The CLA Way

CLA products, services and projects are underpinned by a 5-step process that ensures visibility of every step of your engagement with us. This process breaks down our approach into a series of identifiable tasks with individual milestones and accountabilities. This rigorous methodology enables us to deliver the best outcome for our clients.


We listen to you, to set a strong foundation to offer truly impactful solutions:

  • ♦ Define your needs
  • ♦ Provide guidance
  • ♦ Understand your specific context and key stakeholders


We engage in a comprehensive project planning and scoping process and agree with you on the desired outcomes and measures of success:

  • ♦ Project planning. timelines and key milestones
  • ♦ Stakeholder maps


We review the organisation’s current position and build a tailored approach supported by our point of view:

  • ♦ Fact finding and discovery sessions
  • ♦ Analyse and create insight
  • ♦ Consult multiple sources to inform solution design


We deliver the solution ensuring it is to scale and time. We will engage in regular client check-ins and customise our delivery approach where needed based on feedback

  • ♦ Program delivery
  • ♦ Implementation
  • ♦ Progress reporting


We evaluate on an ongoing basis in line with agreed success measures:

  • ♦ CLA Client Indices
  • ♦ CLA Participant Indices
  • ♦ Benchmarked data
  • ♦ Customised evaluation platforms agreed during our Plan phase

Our Values

Future Leadership’s values underpin our processes, the way we treat people, and our approach to business. Our values represent the way we work, every day.

We prioritise a safe environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and value. Our passion propels us to do the right thing, go the extra mile and ensure our interactions are filled with authenticity, integrity and empathy. We trust and are kind.

We work together to listen, connect and support each other. We approach interactions with open-minds, humility and respect to ensure we learn, share ideas and benefit from collective wisdom.

We think curiously and creatively to achieve future facing solutions that are innovative, fit-for-purpose, and deliver results. We are high-performers and market leaders at the top of our game.

We think curiously and creatively to achieve future facing solutions that are innovative, fit-for-purpose, and deliver results. We are high-performers and market leaders at the top of our game.

Our Commitment to Sustainability Practices

Over the decades, Future Leadership has invested significant resources in developing our approach to Sustainability. ​​ In consolidating our sustainability agenda, we have reviewed in depth what we as an organisation must do to ensure we live and promote sustainable business practices. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide our guiding light. We have applied the ESG framework as the most appropriate means to focus our efforts.
Throughout the report, the SDG icons are used to reference the alignment of our initiatives.

How can we help?

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