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Powered by Future Leadership

Powered by Future Leadership

Taking an evidence-based approach to extraordinary leadership.

Ordinary leaders answer the questions. Extraordinary leaders question the answers.

What would help your leaders reach a new level of positive impact? Our team here at CLA (CogNative Leadership Advantage) are no ordinary consultants. We are hands-on strategic partners. We deliver proactive ideas, curating a solution drawn from our extensive suite of evidence-based leadership tools. We really care that our work with you creates a measurable difference. We leverage data, experience and relationships to shape cultures of leadership so that organisations can thrive in today’s world.

Extraordinary leaders are everyday humans… lucky enough to have had someone invest in their capability along the way.

How will you invest in leaders less ordinary?

Our services

Leadership Development & Wellbeing

Leadership Assessment

Coaching & Transition

Organisation Transformation

Why us?

CLA is a team of organisational psychologists, coaches and transformation specialists working together seamlessly to help organisations take an evidence-based approach to extraordinary leadership.

Leaders today are balancing high pressure with high performance, often without the necessary support to maximise wellbeing, creativity, productivity and ongoing learning.

We co-design programs incorporating leadership development and wellbeing, assessment, coaching and transition, onboarding, and organisational transformation. Leaders rely on us to bring together psychology, leadership science, trusted consulting relationships and proactive strategy facilitation to deliver future leadership solutions.

Partner with us to create a measurable difference in your leadership.

Measuring the difference we make

We listen to what our program participants say by measuring and evaluating our performance according to a number of indicators, called our CLA Indices. We collect and update this data regularly (benchmarked data is presented).



Includes awareness of motives, values, strengths and development needs​


Motivation to Develop

Individual motivation to apply learning, insight and further develop​


Role Clarity

Individuals’ understanding of the success factors associated with their role​



Individuals’ confidence in their abilities and impact as a leader​

Leverage our proprietary tools and programs

Digital Career Transition Platform

Career Accelerator is revolutionising the outplacement experience.

Emerging leaders face tough challenges in today’s jobs market. Senior managers navigating an organisation through change are also confronted with difficult decisions. We support you to give your transitioning leaders the best platform to launch their future success.

Allow your people to own their career transition. Anywhere. Anytime.


The platform where future business success meets future talent needs.

Connect powerfully with future talent. Optimise meaningful diversity in your team and fill cognitive blind spots. Determine which top-rated future-skills your organisation needs and dial up or dial down risk-appetite, change-readiness, tech-literacy and a host of other critical skills across your leadership teams.

A future-selection process for future-facing leaders.

Executive Mental Health

Helping leaders balance high pressure and high performance.

COVID-19 has put mental health leadership on the agenda for boards and the executive like never before. Employee mental health must be a key component of organisational strategy. For decades we have worked with senior leaders at the coalface of change. We understand the pressures and challenges faced at an executive level in fast-paced, high-performance environments, and we have a solution.

Get some Breathing Space today.

ESG Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability is key to businesses that value longevity and loyalty.

Our heritage as a trusted advisor to leadership teams led to the development and implementation of our best-practice ESG Sustainability Reporting framework. Our ESG service partners with your team to document and develop Environmental, Social and Governance standards to deliver accountability and value creation to your stakeholders.

Build a better, more sustainable world with ESG reporting.

Global Capability Framework

Bringing the right capability, to the right table, at the right time is a priority for future success in every organisation.

The GCF creates a clear picture of the core and essential cross-professional, multi-disciplinary capabilities individuals should possess in order to effectively drive an organisation’s strategic direction and orient teams to a desired culture. It describes the transferrable attributes all leaders need for success inside and outside of their organisation.

Connecting a new language of leadership in a borderless world.

What challenges are we solving?

Are your leaders energised and ready to take on new world challenges? Does your culture lean into change? Does your organisation have a clear capability framework and leadership development plan in place?

31% of Australian businesses are struggling to fill roles*

Robust leadership development and wellbeing programs attract and retain great people in a talent-short market.

*ABS 2022

75% of Australian CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills*

Sophisticated assessments are required to evaluate past experience and future upskilling potential.

*PwC 2022

70% success of team engagement is determined solely by the manager*

Coaching, onboarding and transition ensure great leadership inspires great engagement.

*Gallup 2022

51% employees spend less than one hour a week on any form of learning*

Transform organisational skills pathways with capability framework mapping.

*Swinburne 2021

Our client community

We build and influence a community

of leaders who deliver outcomes that

make a lasting, positive impact

locally and globally.


When we think about leadership, we are thinking about partnership. We understand the value of strong communities and feel compelled and grateful to contribute proactively to the places where we live and work.

Many of the people who come to us for support have transitioned through coaching, development and placement, and then turn to us for solutions such as assessment, wellbeing programs and support with change management and transformation.

We are a solution provider with heart, and the long-term, trusted relationships that come with our position are part of the joy of our work.

Read our case studies to understand how other organisations have partnered with us recently.

Insights and News

Program: Wellbeing Check-in program

“Myself and my leadership team found the Wellbeing Check-in insights highly valuable… It has given me greater confidence to challenge our old way of working and come up with a better, more flexible working environment. I really appreciated the structure of the program and the regular feedback.”


Program: Facilitation at the Executive Leadership Program

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your support in today’s Executive Leadership Program session. I thought the session went really well, great initial feedback. Especially in the virtual learning environment, the program was presented in a professional manner with LGPro and the group today.”


Program: Independent Grading Review
“Your report has been well received and I will now engage with our PC&S colleagues. Thank you for an excellent report, and for the very quick turnaround. I look forward to having a close-out telephone conversation with you.”


Program: Breathing Space

“Our team at Eastern Health has stepped in and stepped up with an extraordinary response to the pandemic.  The wellbeing check-in has complemented work we have done already with leadership development and helped us identify the critical wellbeing priorities for the year ahead.

The Breathing Space report has validated the capability and deep experience within our executive team and highlighted the strong sense of accomplishment achieved in 2020.”

Adj. Prof David PlunkettCEO EASTERN HEALTH

Dale Bracegirdle

June Parker

June Parker

Mental Health Manager Therese Joyce


Manager Leadership Development & Wellbeing


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Lisa Everton Organisational Psychologist, Manager Leadership Assessment & Development

Lisa Everton

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Connect with the right specialist

With decades of experience partnering with leaders at the coal-face of change, we understand the support needed for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive in the evolving world of work. From wellbeing and mental fitness programs, to coaching, leadership and transition services, to organisational design, change management and board advisory, we are here to build a solution to meet your needs.



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